Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Rugby League World Cup

Today at school we had a very special visitor, the students were excited about our 'special guest' who came in for assembly... it was the Rugby League World Cup. New Zealand won in 2008 for the first time ever beating Australia in the final. Sport Waikato brought it to the school.

The cup was part of the build up for the Melbourne Storm Vs. Vodafone Warriors NRL pre season game which is taking place at Waikato Stadium this Thursday.

We learnt the following things about the Rugby League World Cup
  • The Cup was made in 1954, that makes it 55 years old!
  • The Cup has only been won by New Zealand once!
  • The Cup weighs 18 kilograms!
  • The Cup is worth about $40,000!
  • New Zealand have been runners up twice and one it only last year
  • The next World Cup will take place in 2013
The above picture from our special assembly is of some of our Rugby League Players holding the trophy. Thanks to Sport Waikato for allowing us the opportunity to see up close this very special trophy.


  1. I had no idea it was that big! I will make sure that I go and have a look at it when it comes home with the winning Australian team!

  2. What a neat thing to experience. I suppose it would be like our school getting to have the Super Bowl trophy or maybe Lord Stanley's Cup. I suspect that will inspire several of your young men and women to commit more time and effort to your rugby team.
    Mr. C

  3. Hi Room 8,

    I knew your teacher Mr Webb last year. I like your new blogsite. Blogging is a great way to show off your work. I like your Rugby League Cup. That would have been a wonderful surprise for you all. It's amazing how big it looks in the photo.

    Look forward to checking your blogsite during the year. Check out my classes blogsite when you get a chance. The children are year 2, and very sweet.

    From Miss Paton

  4. Hi there we are new at blogging in our class. We think its awesome you have had so may views from unusual countries. The rugby league world cup is so big and old but really shiny!.Thank you for promoting our blog page.

  5. Wow, great stuff. What a great opportunity to see some greats of the game!

    Looking forward to hopefully working with you again this year.

    Mr. T

  6. @ Sue I look forward to viewing the post on the Rugby League World Cup on your 2013 School site!
    @ Mr C - it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to interact and touch a real piece of history
    @ Miss Paton thanks for for link to your site for 2009 I will inlcude it in the blogroll and have our students visit it next week
    @ Room10 Morrinsville Intermediate - I love the way that your class has started this year wonderful, everyone is putting so much more into your site
    @ Mr T - Can't wait for the link to your page, it was wonderful working with your 2008 students

  7. I used to play league when I was at school, do any of Room 8 play? I didn't know all those things about the cup. 55 years old! That's older than me! I weigh a bit more, I'm taller and I don't think you'd get $40 000 for me!

    Mr F