Thursday, February 19, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Video Examples to Consider

As we're about to move 'full steam' into video productions there are a view videos that I would like you to consider when thinking about your filming.

Most are from an Auckland site called 'Tamaki Today' that was from Tamaki Intermediate in Auckland that ran in 2008.

Have a look at the footage and then we will brainstorm in class about the positivies/negatives of each.
'Girls Rugby Tackles' is a video showing the School teams playing Rugby. We could consider this for sports related tasks. What do we like/don't like about this video? How could it be improved?

'Learn to Speak Samoan 2' two students teach you some Samoan words that you could use. Again things to consider are - what do we like/what do we think that the students could have changed in the video? 'Learn to Speak Tongan 1' Is similar to the last video but involves one student instead of two. Which do you prefer? Why? In 'Virtual School Tour' watch what the presenter is doing carefully... how is she talking, what else is she doing well? What areas of our school could we do the same sort of thing in? What would we need to show? In 'Camp Video' one of the student gives you a tour of the schools Camp from 2008. What does he do well? Is there anything that you would have differently if you had been the person presenting the video?

Finally for your final challenge you are to locate the schools "Learn to Sasa Video" a Sasa is a Samoan Slap Dance. How can you find the schools video? Was it easy to find? Watch the video... what information did you learn as a student? What would you have done differently?


  1. Great idea to use past work to help with your new class. Are you doing this with a large group or is it more of an individual assignment? Good stuff!
    Mr. C

  2. Its involving everyone in the classroom in a variety of tasks, we should be publishing these online starting tomorrow! It means that everyone by next week will have contributed at least one post to our blog, in the first three weeks.

  3. Hi ROom 8 - we are Room 18 at Fairfield Intermediate. Please do place a link to our blog on yours and we will do the same at our end :-)

  4. Great examples used, really looking forward to the finished product.
    Mr. McClung