Saturday, February 14, 2009

Melville Intermediate - World Cup Slideshow

One of the fantastic things for students at Melville Intermediate School is the opportunities for technology and options. Last week in computing students were given one hour to complete a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation about the Rugby League World Cup and its visit to Melville Intermediate School. Students had only an hour from start to finish this was produced by Kalib from Room 8.


  1. Great job Kalib. I am so dreadful at working under pressure. It's a good trait to have!

  2. thanks about the comment of our video we went to your site and we thought that your work that you guys have done and we will keep on updating your website because for such little age you guys have producted a lot of work and we love it i hope you keep the great work up

    your sincerly
    Arahia & Vitolina