Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Creative Photography

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As part of our getting to know ourselves and others introductory week students in Room Eight were instructed to take two photographs - one of themselves, a traditional shot that you might find in school photographs and the second was to be a creative shot with the students coming up with something interesting to take a picture of!


  1. Sounds like fun! After your comment on my dam post, I thought you might like to read (and comment) on some of my students persuasive paragraphs they wrote about dams.

    Maybe your students can think of a reason most of the students chose to argue against dams. (I did not influence their decisions, I just gave them information. I can't actually give them a bias because I have conflicting views of them.)

  2. Thanks for your comments on our Room 9 blog. the fishing stories should be finished next week. We're looking forward to more of your photos and seing if we recognise some of you!

  3. @ Wm Chamberlain - consider it done!
    @ Glenview9 students were very excited to see some familiar faces on your blog and some students are very keen to monitor your progress