Thursday, February 28, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Enviro Agents 2013

Today Deighton and I (Cody) took some photographs of our school garden.  First we took pictures of
our Suger Snap Peas then the kale.  We took pics of various plants around the garden including Zucceni, Pumpkin, Chilly, Lettuce, Spinich and a whole lot more.  We also took pics of the greenhouse and the entrance to the garden.We are also Enviro agents we get together every second Friday and talk  about saving the enviroment.  Cody and Deighton signing out.

Melville Intermediate School Gardens are a feature of our school. Students are able to grow their own vegetables, each class is able to have a patch and its the location of the school water tank, which collects water from the roof of nearby buildings and is used to flush school toilets and bathrooms, the aim of which is to save the school money with the water rates that we have to pay the city council.


  1. It sounds cool that you get to have your own garden at school. We would love to see some of the photos!

    From Room R, Taumarunui

  2. Yes sorry Room R that we didn't have the photos up on our page to go with the recount, we have school camp next Monday, which we are very excited about and we are preparing lots of work and activities for the Camp to complete so we didn't have time to post the slideshow, which we've done now. Thanks again for letting us know that you are watching.
    Mr Webb and Room Five. Melville Inttermediate.