Monday, February 4, 2013

Melville Intermediate - A Hot Sunny Day

                           …A HOT SUNNY DAY…
It was a hot sunny day my sister and I decided to go to Raglan beach for a swim with some of her friends we  left Raglan after lunch, but on the way we stopped at the shop to buy some water, we arrived at Raglan township it was buzzing with people shopping for local hand crafted goods. At the beach it was so hot and the beach was packed with people sunbathing and family playing, games and most of all there were heaps of people cooling off in the ocean surf from the weltering heat of the sun. Me my sister and her friends jumped into the water, it was warm and we splashed around, it was so great, we all stayed in for a long time in the ocean
                                         By Jackie


  1. Oh my goodness! You look like you have been learning for almost a week ahead of us! The Neinsteins in Dunedin just started today! We thought it was kind of cool to see the bagpipes at your Powhiri. Although the bag pipes originated from Scotland they are kind of big here and none of us have been to a mihi or a powhiri where bag pipes are included. We think this is a great idea!

    Have a great year Room 5!

    1. Hello Ms Bee and the Neinstiens,
      Thank you for the comment you left me i really appriciate it. :) Thank you for saying that the bagpipes at the powhiri was cool. The teacher is really good at playing the bagpipes.

      Have a wounderfull year room 9

  2. A great start to the year Jackie- quality writing! Way to go.