Sunday, February 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Owen's Mystery Food!

 This mystery item belongs to Owen - he knows what it is, he likes to eat them for his lunch, but can anyone else out there identify what it is?
 We didn't have a successful identification from the students of Room Five, so is there someone out there who can help us? Or has Owen stumped our audience?
Owen is a new student to Melville Intermediate in Room Five for 2013.  Last week in class he was consuming a mystery item for his lunch.  No-one in class was sure as to what he was eating (although of course Owen knew) we were talking about who else would know? Do you?


  1. I remember eating these from my mothers garden in Auckland. It was a few years ago but I am very sure they are Chinese Gooseberries. I used to love them.
    Your photography is very clever, it really showed the transparent shell or husk. What do you call that part of the Gooseberry?
    Ms Matthews

  2. We think it is a starfruit. :))


  3. I remember my grandmother, who lived in Auckland, eating these fruits! I think that it is a Cape Gooseberry. As a child I was never brave enough to try one.
    Owen are you able to describe the flavour at all?

    Melanie - it's not a Chinese Gooseberry - nowadays Chinese Gooseberries are known as kiwifruit!

    Mrs McKenzie from B4

  4. I had to put my thinking hat on but I think that this is a Chinese gooseberry. Do you know that there is famous fruit that was once called a Chinese gooseberry until a company changed the name of the fruit in the 1950s. Can you guess the fruit?

  5. It's a Physalis!
    It goes by many different common names around the world - like Chinese Lantern or Cape Gooseberry. Very exotic here in UK!

    Oxford, UK

  6. Hello there,

    Well I was pretty sure that Owen's mystery fruit was a tasty and delicious kumquat, but now I see the other comments ... I'm not so sure ;)

    I'm glad Owen knows because then the mystery can be solved!

    Merry Beau (Class Teacher - 2nd Class Room 6)

  7. I grew up in Auckland even though I am now Dunedin based. The Chinese Gooseberry was something we sneaked from fences around the school boundary. It is most definitely an organic version of the big kiwi fruit...

  8. I had no idea what that was to start with but after reading the comments I would be best to agree that is a Chinese gooseberry. I love the way all the photos were set out with the writing ;)!
    Well I hope owen enjoys his "Mystery Fruit".

    Neo from Misstea's classroom.

  9. Hi Owen. how neat ou are eating these, we used to have these at my house when i was growing up, they taste quite tart but remind me so much of summer. thank you for bringing back the memory. We called these chinese (or cape) gooseberry.

  10. Hi I remember eating these as a child, our neighbor had a plant in her back garden. I must admit I could not remember the name & I had to ring my mum to find out it is a cape gooseberry.

  11. Hello, I am the new assistant in Mrs. Lologa's classroom, Mrs. Thompson. Here in North Carolina we would call them Ground Cherries, or if they are the green variety, Tomatillos.

  12. To Owen,
    It looks like a very interesting food item. The first photo looks like the puffy part of our swan plants at school. I have no idea what it is reading through everyone's comments but I would love to find out.
    From Mrs Head
    Vardon School
    Hamilton, NZ