Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Melville intermediate - Woodwork 19th February

Woodwork February 19th - slideshow maker
Today at woodwork we were starting the tops and bottoms of our box's, the box's are for holding special things or you could choose what to do with them. The photography was by Josh and the slide was made by Josh and Nathan.


  1. Hello
    We think that your slide show is awesome and were wondering if you could explain to us how to do it. Then we could have a go, as we have been taking lots of photos.
    Thanks heaps!
    From Room R - Taumarunui

  2. Hello Nathan and Josh here to make the slide you set up an account on kizoa (it is free but you get more effects on a paid one we have free) then you gather up the photos then select all the ones you want then you drag them into the roll of tape then you just click on one and a bunch of affects appear if you click on the T between each photo it lets you add a transition in then you just save it and post it anywhere you want.Nathan and Josh!

  3. Hi Nathan and Josh,
    Thank you for helping us to make a slideshow. We followed your instructions and we were able to make our own slideshow.

    You can see it on our blog - roomrturaki.blogspot.co.nz,

    Thanks again,
    Room R (Natalia, Chloe, Shaquita, Pounamu, Jade, Nathanael, Sahanya, Megan and Mikayla)

  4. hi Im from otumoetai intermidiate we do hard tech we are working with metals we are makings tongs and spatulas (or both!) I was wondering if you did metal work as well or if you just worked with wood.(I am from room 10 at otumoetai intermidiate)

    1. Hello Josh here we only do our work with wood because it is easier to handle with. That means that we don't have to use massive tools and we can just keep things simple.

      Josh Melville Intermediate School Hamilton