Thursday, February 14, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Recount Writing Elizabeth

Pitch Black
The Lights Dim down… It was getting darker and darker… Until… the theatre becomes … Pitch Black!

My Brother Ryan, My Mum Trish, my Sister Laura and I were sitting in the Event cinemas Theatre on the 6th January about to watch The Rise of the Guardians. Anyway, we were sitting in the Theatre seats when suddenly… The LIGHTS DIM DOWN… It was getting darker and darker by the second until… the theatre becomes… Pitch Black!
Rise of the Guardians has 7 main characters: the guardians are: Santa Clause, Sandman, Jack Frost, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny the evil Guy is Pitch Black and the little boy who believes is called Jamie.
Tooth Fairy is a kind and sensitive fairy who believes that every tooth is special and that they hold memories. Easter bunny is a fierce rabbit that has a boomerang for a weapon and he also makes the eggs by hand. Sandman is a kind guy who cant talk but uses the sand/dreams, that he puts in the kids minds, to make shapes so people can see what he is saying.  Santa Clause is a man who has an inner circle to him and a whole lot of outer circles to him. Some of his outer circles are frightfulness, happiness, astonishment and kindness. His inner circle lets him see everything… well mostly everything; he can see if children are naughty or nice and he can see what children want for Christmas.
Jack Frost is a teenage kid who can’t remember anything about his past and none of the kids believe in him but near the end of the movie, the kid called Jamie starts to believe in him. Jamie is a special kid who believes in all of the guardians, his friends don’t but Jamie knows deep down that they do exist. Pitch black, the evil guy, invades all of Sandy’s (Sandman) dreams and replaces them with nightmares. He to isn’t believed in until he starts invading the dreams of kids.
Rise of the Guardians is a funny, entertaining and awesome movie. If it were up to me I would rate it five stars. After the movie, my family and I Went and got subway for dinner and then headed home. I had a really fun time and I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD.
By Elizabeth


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I thought that your description of the characters from the movie was very well detailed. My favourite character was Jack Frost because every time he touched something with his magic, something magnificent happened and he was a lot of fun. But I liked the Sandman too, he could create aeroplanes and big dinosaurs with his magical dust. Who was your favourite character and why?

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Great story Its really descreptive,
    I had a look at all your hyperlinks,
    Thanks for commenting on my post.

    Melville Intermediate
    Room 5
    New Zealand

  3. Hello again, Elizabeth,

    Your recount is of a very high standard, well done. I loved what you did with your 'play on words' with 'Pitch Black': Using it as a title, then using it as a description of the theatre and then introducing the villain of the film all as 'Pitch Black.'

    I also liked that you played around with time. Beginning two minutes into your account and then going back in time by two minutes.

    You gave a very detailed account of the movie. Even though you gave lots of detail, your account was clear. I think you judged it well. You didn't give us too much information ...or too little either.

    I applaud all the adjectives you used to describe the characters.

    What a very good analysis of Santa you wrote. He seemed to have layers to his personality (like an onion

    I liked your summing up at the end too. Having heard so much about this movie now, from your class and my own, I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD either.

    With every good wish
    Merry Beau and 2nd Class Room 6