Monday, March 1, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Maori Mihi

  • This is the Maori Mihi from Room Eight students. A Mihi is a Maori introduction or greeting, which contains information about yourself. In this video you are looking for the following key phrases:
    ko te Maunga (the name of the mountain closet to where you were born)
    ko te Awa (the name of the river closest to where you were born)
    ko te Iwi (the name of your tribe/Iwi)
    ko te Marae (the name of your local marae/meeting place)
    ko te Kura (the name of your school)
    ko te Tumuaki (the name of your principal)
    ko te Kaiako (the name of your teacher)
    ko te Taku Ingoa (your name)

Since 2010 when the above video was published we've continued reviewing our work and currently this explanation of a Mihi and example of Mihi was produced by Hayze in 2011

Hayze Mihi 2011 from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. Kia ora! You guys are fantastic role models for my Year 5/6 children learning to present their mihi in Dunedin ,NZ! Many thanks!

    Kia Kaha!

  2. Kia ora koutou nga rangatira mo apopo

    Ka mau te wehi, koutou ma, kia kaha ki te korero Maori

    Naaku na

    Bernie O'Donnell
    Station Manager
    Radio Waatea

  3. I really enjoyed your video post. Im in Mr. Miller class in King City California and my avatar name is Isis. I really like how you spoke the right words of Maori Mihi.

  4. neat alright tamariki ka pai koutou!

  5. You are such inspirations! It's so exciting to see such an important part of our Kiwi culture being represented so well (and how neat to teach it to Americans!!) PS guys, I've created a post here so we can easily keep in touch back and forth to arrange our classes getting together for some teaching -

    1. I am american and I moved to N.Z. It is hard to learn mouri.

  6. really great! Hayze i think your Mihi is supurb.

  7. mean moari mean

  8. This is an enchanting item. One's sense of place is so important. We have a strong sense of place in Ireland especially, I feel in the rural areas. This was the first post on your blog, that I looked at, and it was a lovely introduction. With every good wish from the Emerald Isle

  9. We are fascinated by the Maori Mihi. We suppose every culture must have their own way of greeting one another and introducing one's self. We thought the Maori way was very special.

    After hearing about the Maori Mihi we talked about how Irish people greet one another and tell people about themselves. Like the Maori people the Irish people try to speak their own language (Irish/Gaeilge/Gaelic) as well as English.

    We are doing a little work on this that we will send your way. It will have been somewhat influenced by your lovely Maori custom.

  10. cool good explaining

  11. Great Mihi Hayze.
    You produced it very good.
    You did the best Mihi I have ever heard!
    Keep up the great work