Saturday, March 20, 2010

Melville Intermediate - School Confidence Course Tour

As part of our introduction to blogging students from Room 8 all have the brief to create a movie that shows off part of our school. Students have to brainstorm, plan, prepare the script and prepare the shots before they venture outside. Students can choose to present the movie themselves or get someone else to present it and have a behind the scenes role. This movie was created by Samm from Room 8 and features Nathalie, Lana and Shania. Filmed at Melville Intermediate School on Thursday 17th March 2010.


  1. Dear Room 8,

    Excellent video Samm, Nathalie, Lana, and Shania! You gave a nice tour of the confidence course - brief but very informative. Nice job with the filming, narrating, and demonstrations.

    We didn't have that kind of equipment when I went to school - only monkey bars, swings, and some jungle gyms. I'd kind of like to give that climbing wall a try! You probably need special shoes or bare feet though.

    My third grade class is working on a blog post about our town. It will be done soon so you can learn a little bit about where we are from. We have enjoyed learning about Hamilton and Melville Intermediate.

    Mr. Salsich

  2. Hello from Portland, Oregon!

    I am home visiting my family and friends and meeting my little boy, Leo for the first time. I thought I would check the IST Grade 2 website and found so many nice comments left by Room 8 students - Cheers!

    I will return to Tanzania in a few weeks but I will remind my students to read your comments and write back soon.

    Samm, Nathalie, Lana, and Shania I really like your video. I will show my students your video and maybe we can do something similar to share our school with you.

    Room 8 students rock!

    Your Global Friends,
    Mr. McKillip and the IST Grade 2 Kung Fu Praying Mantids