Monday, March 15, 2010

Melville Intermediate - In Autumn

To celebrate the changing of the season, and the fact that were moving into Autumn this afternoon we sent Fauiki and Samm into the school grounds to take some photographs of what they saw. They then created the slide show, uploaded it to Slide and then created the affects as well.


  1. Hello!
    It's Miss Ale and her students from Buenos Aires Argentina. Thank you for visiting our blog! How good to read that you are also starting autumn as seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are different than in the Southern Hemisphere! How's your school calendar? We have started our school year only 3 weeks ago. We could do some kind of work collabratively, some piece of writing or some kind of interaction, what do you think?
    Our blog is
    Thank you
    Miss Ale and her students

  2. hello iam finn from nabby3 i cant belive that we can talk to each other on the internet :o