Friday, March 19, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Blog Challenge #3


  1. Hi there! I teach the Super Scoopers in Dunedin! We looked at your blog today and really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your videos. My mum and dad live in Hamilton two streets away from the river in St Andrews and I think you have chosen great photos to showcase Hamilton! When I come up with my daughters, we will always visit the zoo because there isn't one in Dunedin. We also enjoy a picnic at the gardens and lots of river walks.
    Room 7 was really interested in the balloon festival. I knew enough to explain that photo to them but have never been to one. Could you tell us more about this? Perhaps you could use the Seven Servants as this might help me to book a trip north in time to see the balloons this year...

  2. Great slide show!

    I loved looking at the photos, especially the city one. Hamilton looks quite beautiful.

    When is the balloon festival? I had to look twice at the photo before I realized it really was a hot air balloon!

    Terrific work!

    Mrs. Yollis

  3. Joel nabby 3

    I loved seeing your school garden.