Monday, March 29, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Literacy Task Week Nine

Week nine, the final school week of term one 2010 is upon us. For the commenting locations for this week you will once again need to travel the world. You will start in England in the UK. You will visit Brookburn Primary School, the Year Four Classroom and leave a comment. You will go to Califorina in the USA back to Mr Millers Classroom Blog and leave them a comment. You will then go the Edublogger Challenge, and select two new classrooms that you have not left comments on before and leave comments on their pages. You can click on the list of classrooms by clicking here, think about visiting classrooms and countries that you have not been before. Finally this classroom blog in Israel, Miss Huberman's class. Firstly, the page is not written in English, so you will need to translate it to English and then leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for all your comments Room 8, my class will love them!

    At the moment we are on our Easter holidays so I can't guarantee that all my Y4 will get to see them straight away. Despite that we definately appreciate them all, blogging is still quite new to us and it feels amazing to get comments from anywhere but New Zealand is especially cool as it is so far away from the UK.

    The captain of my favourite football team is from New Zealand and my wife has been there many years ago and has told me how beautiful and amazing it is.

    Also, in response to Fauiki's question, yes we do have mufty days but they are rarely called that these days in school. Most of the teachers would know what mufty means but I think most students wouldn't.

    Thanks again for your wonderful comments!