Friday, March 12, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Photostory Tour

This is Lana's Photostory of the School. We are attempting to extend our students by increasing their use and familiarity and web 2.0 tools. Photostory is a simple way to achieve this. For this term we are establishing and maintaining relationships. The idea being that you will view this Photostory of our School and make comparisons with your own school or location.


  1. Great work Lana on taking these photos of your school. It looks like a great place to learn. We now are an intermediate too and our Year 7s walk down to Tamaki College for tech. Thank you for sharing that movie with us.

  2. i like how we used skype to talk to each other the other day ago it is friday over here and were are still in we know more about u guys and can compare the differances. i had a lot of fun and is it hard to play rugbee

  3. Hello there!My avatar name is Nero. I live in King City CA. This wis a good description of your school. Really... Your school is big!!! My school is not so big as yours. Do you like your school?

  4. Dear Lana and Bradley,

    Well done on producing such great Photo Stories. It was very interesting to see what your school looks like.

    I noticed you have a "tuck shop". In Victoria, Australia we call it a "canteen" however when I was at school in Queensland it was called a "tuck shop" too!

    I saw that you have a large bike shed. Do many people ride or walk to your school? It is a great way to stay fit!

    From Miss McGeady

    PS I came across your blog after seeing your comment on Mrs Yollis' class blog!