Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Week Six Tasks.

As part of the International Blogging Challenge we have a number of tasks this week. Firstly if you have not created your Avatar for task number two you need to do so, don't forget to save this into your folder, it will come in useful! (there are some examples with this post. Secondly as part of the challenge we have to visit the two classes adjacent to us on the blog roll of classes in the challenge. These are Miss T Classroom and Mr Millers Blog. Make sure you go to both these places and leave comments. Thirdly your final task for the week is to select another site from the challenge and leave a comment!

Also this morning in class we spoke to, Mr Millers classroom in California we will be talking with them again later this week and you will have an opportunity to ask them your questions, as preparation for this please visit their class page and leave a comment on one of the wonderful sites that are attached.

By Friday you need to ensure your Avatar is selected and saved in the special folder and we will be using Animoto to animate all of them. If you are not sure about completing any of these challenges please check with Mr Webb.


  1. Now that sounds like a busy week. There are some great sites for making avatars. I love yours Mr Webb, although I'm sure your ears aren't really that big! :-0

    How exciting to be able to talk to other classes in other countries. We're still trying to get Skype to work at our school - it seems to very unreliable on oyr network.

    I hope Mr Webb is going to put your animoto on your blog for us to see.

  2. Hi, I hope you have as much fun as our class had today creating our avatars. We laughed and laughed. Please visit our blog, checkout our video, and enjoy a laugh with us! http://partlowpowerhouse.edublogs.org
    I am so impressed you guys Skype. That is our next technology adventure. Does it work well in your class?

  3. Hi Room 8,

    You guys are really having a good and fun time learning with Mr. Webb.
    Thank you for visiting our class site too! Much appreciated!

    Mrs She @Pt England School, Auckland. NZ.

  4. Hi Room 8,
    Thank you for skyping us yesterday. It was so much fun. I like the picture of Mr. Webb