Sunday, February 28, 2010

Melville Intermediate - School Music Room - Part 2

This is the part two tour of the Music Room.

This is our first official video we made together. The crew was Kelly, Shania, Nathalie and Lana. We'd like to thank Mr Bell, our music teacher for letting us film in the music room. In our tour we showed the marimbas, keyboards, guitars ( electric/ acoustic), ukelele, the recording stidio and the drums. In the recording studio we made a recording using Kelly's voice, guitar and some drum beats. Hope you enjoy the video and please post a comment.


  1. A tour of the school is a great idea! I enjoyed watching the video and once again am left jealous of your school.
    Mr. C

  2. We liked the guitar. We hope to play like that one-day too.

    Elliot & Dean.

  3. Wow, He is really good at playing the guitar. I am from California and I don't see a lot of people with that kind of talent. I think the girls name was Kelly, but whatever her name was, she is a really good singer. I like to sing but I am not good. :-)

  4. That was wonderful. You guys are so lucky because Here at Chalone Peaks Middle School in California we don't have a music class but we do have a lot of computers and all the work we do is on the computer. Well anyway I loved your guy's work. I will be surly coming back to your guy's blog for more input. By the way I have a blog site as well.