Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Inter-Intermediate Touch 2010 Recount

Girls Touch Rugby Recount 2010
On Thursday 25th of March Melville Intermediate team of Girls went to Swarbrick Park on the bus. We had been training for weeks for the Touch Interschools. There were 10 schools there Matamata Intermediate, Berkley, Cambridge, Maeroa, Fairfield, Morrinsville Te Awamutu, Peachgrove, Tokoroa and Melville. From each school there were two teams, a boys team and a girls team.

When we arrived there was great sunny weather, perfect for playing touch in! Only Berkley were there and they were training, then Peachgrove, Matamata and Maeroa arrived. The rest came later. Our school was in charge of running it. Whaea Hayley and Mrs Bassett were on the score table. Melville had a bye for the first round then we played the next round after the Boys. Our first game was against Cambridge, the score was 1-0 to us. The next game was against Matamata we drew nil all. Later we played Berkley and lost 0-1. Our last game of the round robin was against Maeroa they were pretty sharp and we drew nil all again. Before every game or during a game we would cheer on our teams with cheers we made up or remembered from previous sports. We made it into the semi-finals, we were versing Peachgrove. It was pretty close but by the end of the game it was nil all so he had to do something different. The referee had a timer for 5:00 minutes and only five people were allowed to play it was India, Kaeley, Aaliyah, Keisha and me. After every minute one player left the game, the first player to leave was Kaeley then me. It was a very thrilling game to watch it was only Inida, Aaliyah and Keisha on a big rugby field against three Peachgrove girls. Every time a player from Peachgrove tried to score one of our girls would get them, but then a player from Peachgrove scored. We all cheered on India, Keisha and Aaliyah. There were very good and worked as a team. Once the finals were on between Peachgrove and Tokoroa it started to pour with rain. We got free time until the tournament finished. Tokoroa came first, then Peachgrove second and Melville were declared third. Melville packed up and headed over to our bus, it was a very close day with close scores.


  1. Wow, that game must of been very intense. Did you win a medal or a trophy? Your team must be very good.

  2. The Maori Raukau stick games lesson two video must take a lot of skill because I can barely flip one stick like that.

  3. Kia Orana kotou katoatoa,

    Greetings from Aitutaki!!! Great to see the Melville spirit still pumping!! Have started a blog here

    Keep in touch!

    Matua Gene