Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Inter-Intermediate Touch 2010: Boys Report

On Thursday 25th March it was the Waikato Inter-Intermediate Touch tournament held at Swarbrick Park. The Boys team was Dylan, Dillion, Tiera, Rex, Henco, Thomas, Daniel, Raukawa, Syndrix, Chase, Scott (vice-captain), and Nick (Captain) (Me).
We arrived at our destination… SWARBRICK PARK! We walked off the bust and we ready to cross the road. Look left, look right, we crossed… we got to the place where we needed to set up. We started to warm up for the tournament. Our game plan was three drives then three quickie attempts. Our first round was a bye so we had time to check our the other teams if they were sharp. 20 minutes later our first game started. We were up against Cambridge. Two minutes into the game Scott did a long pass and put Teira in the corner for a beautiful try. Another two minutes later I stepped two players and scored in the corner. The game was going on and we scored another three tries to Teira, Ruakawa and Dylan.

We then went over to watch the Melville Girls play against Cambridge they won 1-0.
Our game in the third round started against Matamata. The hooter went and we started our drives. Three drives in I saw Dylan open so I took it from receiver and ran wide to set Dylan in the corner. Wooo. What a TRY! Seven minutes later Matamata scored in the corner 1-1 and the game was deadlocked with three minutes left. We held them out for 15 touches before a guy in Nike Mercurial Veloci’s tried a dive and scored a try we lost the game 1-2.

Our fourth round game was against Berkley. My friend in my soccer team Flynn was in that team. We started off scrappy and the scores were locked at 0-0 with six minutes remaining. We were near the try line and me and Scott set and did the quickie. I got the ball from the planter and I ran into my hole and scored. With one minute left Berkley got a runaway and scored. That meant it was a 1-1 draw.

Fifteen minutes later we had a game against the unbeaten tournament favourites Maeroa Intermediate. They were walking to the field looking good. We had to beat them to have a chance in the semi-finals. The hooter sounded and we started doing our drives. Four minutes into the game Rex stepped a guy and scored but he tripped over himself and nearly touched it down dead!Three minutes later Nick found a gap and took advantage of it. He took the gap so fast that he got a run away from fifty meters out. He scored and did the Masaga shuffle. Four minutes later Nick found another similar gap and went through like a flash again. He scored another runaway! Up came the Masaga shuffle again. Maeroa scored two late tries to make the score 3-2 to us.

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