Monday, April 15, 2013

These video illustrate our school Canteen (Tuck Shop, Cafe) in action.  Its part of our series of work on lunches and the choices available.  This video shows Elizabeth and Jamie from Room Five, two of the volunteer students at Melville Intermediate School who run the school Canteen at lunchtime under the supervision of the staff.

  MIS School Canteen Part One 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.

In class Mr. Webb told us we needed to brainstorm video ideas. In 2 minutes I had already thought of an idea and ahd finished up making a mini storyboard for it. A couple days later, my group had done interviews for the video and a little bit of the tour for the canteen. We have also made a video showing Jamie and I serving people in the canteen. :) please enjoy both of them. By the way, once we have finished the whole video we will puut it up on the blog so you can see it all together as one. :)

The second video is of students who serve in the Canteen talking about the experience and what they have done while serving their.

MIS School Canteen Part Two 2013 from myles webb on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Room 8. Damian and Wattana wanted to know about Balmoral School's tuck shop lunch menu. We're busy getting our Rich Task dances ready, so thought the easiest way to get you the information was to post you the link on our website.
    Hope that helps.
    Room 19 Balmoral

    1. Hi there! :)

      It does help alot thank-you :)

      room 5
      melville int. School
      New Zealand

  2. The Neinsteins need to apologise. They missed your request on their blog to share their lunch menu. (It's been a busy few weeks for them with camp, the fair and a few trips and blogging has gone slowly for them).... We have a new lunch system this year.Lunches are ordered online - they need to be ordered the night before though... You can click on our menu here but you can also see what other schools have on their menus.... The Neinsteins love our blog - they are a little bit younger than you and use your blog as a model. Thanks for inspingin them!

  3. This is the website of our lunch menus. I posted the wrong one on our blog.