Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Reitu's Art

When I first started in Art Mrs Patterson read us a story called 'In the Beginning'. We had to choose one of the Maori Gods and draw and paint on a large piece of paper. After we had finished that we went over to the I.C.T lab to recearch about Ta Moko when we went back over to the Art room we made paper Mache masks of one of the Maori Gods and when we finished painting it we had to draw a Moko on the mask. After tht she read us a story about how Maui fished up th North Island and we had to draw a Fish Hook.

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  1. Hi Reitu,
    I like your picture with your maori god you have made. I can see you put a lot of effet into it. I love reading your paragraph of what you did in art with your teacher with Mrs Patterson. Well keep it up and go for gold.

    From Quasia at Pt England School