Sunday, April 21, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Term One Ends for 2013

Thanks for your visit - school has ended for Term One, 2013 and will start again in two weeks.


  1. Mellville Intermediate Room 5,

    It is very sad to leave school and miss your learning! I love the images, it looks very cool. Your school seems to look wonderful. Have a nice day:)

    From Josephine @ Point England School!

  2. Josephine
    Thank you for your comment and I would like to congratulate you again on your outstanding work this term, one hundred posts is an amazing effort well done.

  3. Hi room5,my name is Carlos i live in California and Im' in Mr.Miller class room I like the video about the blimp at school.

  4. Thanks for the comment - its a Hot Air Balloon, the day of the slideshow we had a festival of hot air balloons and we had one that flew above our school first thing in the morning, it was about 7:00am and our teacher, Mr Webb, took the photo. Thanks for your visit.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

  5. We hope you have a great holiday
    and come back to school refreshed.
    Your system of holidays in New Zealand
    seems logical and systematic.
    Our Summer break is eight weeks long
    and this last term is 13 weeks long.
    We are on our 'last legs'
    and we have eight weeks before our holidays,
    having already worked hard for five.

    With all the blogs we visit,
    we always come back to Room 5′s.
    There is something special about it.

    We think it is that it is a real
    ‘window’ into the interesting,
    student centered and activity based learning
    that is so valuable and that you seem
    to do plenty of.

    We are coming into the summer months now,
    so we are going to take some photos
    and make a guided tour to our school
    just like Room 5 did on Photopeach in the past.
    Everything looks so much better in the sunshine.

    With every good wish, 2nd Class Room 6