Monday, April 29, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Josh's Term One Overview

We did heaps of display work this term. So much that we are running out of wall! Camp was busy it was fun and we did so many activities. As for tests my favourite subjects are reading and spelling Mr Webb said that my spelling test had the best result in the classJ.  The Asttle tests were nerve wracking. The Fonterra science road show was cool as, they did so many things that I never thought possible. They had a Hovercraft! And a skeleton “riding a bike” the skeletons feet were attached to the pedals and there was a pole connecting the skeletons bike to another bike that someone rides and when it is powered it powers the skeletons bike. Somehow they managed to make air go through a brick. For tech I had woodwork and I finished my box first. But Owen was nowhere near finishing on the second to last day but he finished in a nick of time with my help. My second tech is food but I only had one lesson yet. For modules I have had P.E. twice once with Whaea Lyndon and once with Mr Willis. I have done inquiry once and I am now doing food module as well as tech! I have been learning to make videos and upload them on the class blog. That is pretty much this term. I can’t wait for term 2!!!

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