Thursday, April 11, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Lunch Orders from around New Zealand and the world!

Damien and Wattana have been very excited about the feedback that they've received from our lunch orders around New Zealand.  We've had responses from three schools so far.   Some of the students at our school and in our class have expressed an interest and a desire to have better lunches, so we though that two of our students, and our students representatives in the classroom Damien and Wattana, would harness the power and traffic of our class page and see what other schools and classrooms are ordering for lunch.  The Boys have also ventured further afield and have started asking classrooms around the world what they have for lunch and what you can order...

It started with a reply from our original tweet some twenty minutes later and we had a link to the lunch orders at Waimuku Primary School.  This caused surprize to our students because at Waimuku you can only order your lunch on Fridays.  It also caused a discussion in Room Five, everyone agreed that the idea of having sushi for lunch was tasty, but would we be prepared to pay seven dollars for it seemed to be a bit of sticking point.

Then today we received two more replies.  The first came from Mrs Mel B and her students wonderful blog at Tokomaru School.  She sent us a detailed reply that featured her school menu and information.  They also featured our request as a post on their page, you can read their reply by clicking on the link to thier page here.  We were surprized again that the lunch order system work only once a week, although everyone in the class was impressed by the menu that the school featured and what was available for the students to purchase at school to eat.

Finally we also heard back today from our very special friends from 'If only the best birds sang' in Ireland.  There was yet another surprize waiting in stall for us - in Ireland at their school students bring their own lunches and don't have an ordering system.

We decided that we preferred the fact that some choices were available to students in New Zealand, even if they were a little limited.  But were not stopping there, we'd still like as much feedback as we can over this issue - we'd love you to leave a comment, or a link or take time to explain how your lunches are ordered and what system you have in place.


  1. Kia Ora Damien and Wattana,

    Thanks for your post. Here is a link to our lunch menu for the month. This menu is the same for all schools across our county. We will be interested to find out what your menu is and follow up on any changes that your student councillors make. If you would like I can take pictures of our food this week to show you what are some of selections are. Not everyone buys from the cafeteria but a majority of students here at New Town do. Good luck!

    The link to the menu is:

    Let me know if you have problems on getting on the site.

    From Miss Lologa

  2. Dear Wattana and Damien,

    I am also suprised with your results. I have never heard of schools that had no school lunches or only had one school lunch per week. At our school we have lunches throughout the whole week. Also every Wednesday we have pizza.

    Techie Kids

  3. Hi Damien and Wattana
    I have faxed a copy of out lunch menu to you at your school.
    On Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays the children can order lunch which is supplied from a local cafe. They can only order fried food such as fish and chips on Fridays.
    The lunch orders are delivered to our school for the children to collect at lunchtime.

    Most children bring lunch from home and might get to order once a week as a treat.

    Mrs McKenzie from B4

  4. Thank you all so much for your feedback we've been thrilled with the response that we've received. Mrs McKenzie we loved that you sent us a fax - would you believe that some of the students in our classroom have never even heard of a fax or a fax machine? Jacob - thanks again for your feedback Techie Kids we love your site and were thrilled to see all the comments that you had written for us on your site. Miss Lologo thanks so much for your feedback and the links that you have made to your site, we loved being able to see excatly what your students are able to order and thanks for sending in your photographs that you took in the cafeteria. Wonderful collaboration.