Thursday, April 18, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Thank you all so much for Lunch Help!

Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far to the lunch project that we are currently engaged in. We've had the classroom councillors in Room Five looking at lunch order forms and canteen lists from around the world. We've used them to compare to our existing menu and we're currently rewriting the existing menu to include some of the new options that we've discovered from around the world and New Zealand.  We've got an display at the moment on the windows of Room Five of all of the lunch orders that we've currently received... so students can currently see orders from the likes of Mokoia Intermediate (Rotorua), Balmoral School (Auckland)... more to come on this issue shortly... a reminder to all our loyal viewers and visitors that tomorrow is the last day of school for term one in New Zealand.  We will be back two weeks from then for the start of Term Two... This slideshow shows some of the work that currently going on with our students... you can see our outside display, and also copies of the Melville Intermediate School Lunch Order Forms that our class attempted to re-write. Students had to remove items that they really disliked, and replace those items and add any new items.

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