Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Melville Intermediate - PES Student Blogs

Josephine from Point England School
Its the holidays in New Zealand, our students are not due back in the classroom until Monday, May 6th. However in the meantime there's some other great sites to check out. Mr Webb's been active online and amazed by the work that's going on, in the holidays, from a couple of students from Point England School in Auckland. There's an entire school of wonderful blogs at work up there, we've been very lucky to have visitors from their pages and plenty of comments. We'd recommend that if you are looking for a great students site that you check out the blogs from Josephine.  She's made over a hundred posts this term, and there's a great variety of writing about many different topics.  There wouldn't be many class pages that post a hundred times a term, so this is a fantastic effort.  Another thing is to have a look at her posts during the holiday, she's working independently in her own time to publish to her blog.  Amazing motivation, dedication and effort.  Well worth a look.

Sela from Point England School
Another great indivdual site that you can visit is Sela's  page.  Again like Josephine, Sela is posting in the school holidays in her own time.  She's written about a variety of topics and events that have occurred Netball, the Holidays (which are boring because nothing is happening apparently!) and suggestions about great learning sites that you can visit. 

If your a student from Room Five at Melville Intermediate School, reading this in the holidays you can claim a special, edible prize at the start of Term Two.  You will need to visit either of the pages listed above and leave a comment (you can claim the prize twice if you leave two comments) and follow the regular comment writing procedure.


  1. Dear Mr Webb and Room 5, Thank you so much for supporting the Pt England Bloggers. Josephine, Sela and Lesieli particularly have been dedicated Bloggers in the holidays. It is a great way to keep in touch with everyone and to get some feedback on the things you have been looking into in the holidays. Sometimes during the term we get so busy at school it is hard to research new things ;).

    Keep sharing your news and learning because we love seeing it online.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Mrs Burt
    Thank you for producing such amazing work and I am thrilled with the sites that your students have been work on. Amazing from your students.