Friday, April 12, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Lunches around the world!

We've had a fantastic collaborative response to our lunches request to our friends in New Zealand and around the world. It has started because our students want to change our own lunch menu and canteen/tuck shop.  We appealed for assistance from our friends.   We had some fantastic responses from Waimukau School, Mrs Bizy and Tokomaru School and If Only the Best Birds Sang.  Today we received some fantastic additional responses - we heard from our friends in New Town Kapai Kiwis in the United States, Open the Door to B4 from Reefton, New Zealand and The Techie Kids from Michican, USA.

We knew a little about the lunch system in the USA from what we've talked about with other classrooms before and what we've seen on TV shows and movies, but it was wonderful that Miss Lologa took the time to provide link with their lunch menus, and also on top of that, took the time to take some photographs from the lunch cafeteria today.  Thank you so much!

Our second exciting thing today was that Mrs Mackenzie, the teacher from the wonderful Open the Door to B4 Class page.  She sent us a fax this morning, it was a really interesting exercise for our class because we had students in the class who hadn't heard of a fax before and didn't know what one was.  We're creating a display in the classroom of all the menus and order forms that we've received.

Finally we received a lot of feedback from Mrs Moore and The Techie Kids in Michican.  What we loved about hearing from them was to clear up an issue about 'Canteen' which is what we'd asked  however in the United States of America a 'canteen' has a completly different meaning to what it does here in New Zealand, being a device that carries water as oppossed to a place to buy your lunch.

On behalf of Room Five @ Melville Intermediate School I'd like to thank everyone that has contributed towards our work so far, we haven't finished yet but to everyone whose contributed to our collaboration or helped in any way, thank you so much.

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  1. copy and paste this link and you will find our school lunch orders.