Thursday, April 25, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Icis Term One Recount

As part of our last written task for term one students of Room Five had to create a written recount that reviewed the term.  Students were working on these in the last week of school.  We will be returning to class on Monday 6th May 2013 as we are currently on the first week of our two week end of term one break for the year.

In the 3rd week of school Melville got told in the assembly that there would be a thing called modules  starting up.   I was in the library and P.E  with Whaea Lyndon.  I’m now in inquiry and TV studio at the same time.  TV studio is with Mr Bell.

My tech was wood work and made a jewellery box for some one special to you and in now in food technology with Mrs Brown.
We got a letter about 3  weeks before camp about camp.  We went to camp on the 6th
weeks of school.   We went for 3 days and 2 nights.  The first  day we stayed in our cabins and made our beds then had a look around and then had lunch. 

The next day me had breakfast and did our next activity and I was on Go karts and then we got called for lunch we had a wrap and fruit then I was on the waka ama.  We went for 2 hours the stopped at the gardens where people swim and call it the cliff.  When we got back to the camp grounds it was dinner after dinner we went on a bush walk where we had to hold a rope and people would give  us a fright and after that we had a hot shower.  The next day we had breakfast and had free time and then it was time to go and when I got back every thing was back to the same. 

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