Friday, April 26, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Chloe Reviews Term One

So... This we have done much display work there is only a little bit of wall space and leaving not much left.  So most of the stuff is stars... Camp was fun and we played the best things ever.  It would be one of the best camps I've ever been on so far the games we played were spotlight, archery, water slide, go 
Karts, Trolleys, Burma Trail and even the best dinner ever. As for the tests we have done: spelling, math and reading.   I don’t really like those tests they are hard. And for the, gym that is some cool games in there like Pirates, Non stop cricket and Rounders they were pretty good games. As pe that is the same as before and but we play out side and we played Longball. This was fun but I hope we do more in term 2.   

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