Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Melville Intermediate - Can you help Damien please!

HI this is Damien & Wattana and we are school councillors from Melville Intermediate school and we need help with our canteen we are asking all the schools in NZ to send us their menu of your canteen!

We would like to compare with other schools their menus for lunches, their canteens or tuck shops or how their students buy food at school.  We want to do this because we would like to get ideas to improve what we have for sale at our school canteen to our students.  You could send us your school menus or order forms by taking a photo or scanning them, you could film footage of your tuck shops or canteens in action, perhaps at lunchtime or perhaps without students in them (we will be doing the same at Melville Intermedaite) you can then leave a comment to us letting us know what the links are so we can view them.  Thanks for being available.


  1. Hi Wattana and Damien, Would you believe that it is not traditional in Ireland to have school dinners. School canteens are very rare. Perhaps there may be some in a few private schools. In schools for teenagers, there are tuck shops. They try to sell fruit and healthy food but the students prefer crisps and chocolate bars. But in national schools there are no canteens. We bring lunches to school. Your project sounds very interesting and you are doing very thorough research,
    With every good wish
    2nd Class, Room 6 and Teacher
    Greystones, Ireland

  2. Hi Damien and Wattana,

    This is Room 1 at Tokomaru School. We are a small school (66 students) so we rely on our parents and community a lot - and this includes for our lunches.

    We have a Variety Lunch every second Friday. A parent/s create a small menu to choose from. For example, this week's menu is Nachos $2, Vegetarian Nachos $2, Banana Milo Smoothie $1, Lamington .50c, Popcorn .50c.

    Each student takes an order form home and they choose what they want from the menu and return the money to school. A parent/s then comes in on the Friday to make and give the food out to the students who ordered it.

    On the alternate Friday to Variety Lunch, we have Fish 'n' Chips from our local shop. The menu is Fish 'n' Chips, Chicken 'n' Chips, or Hotdog 'n' Chips (or just chips) All are $3. Students can buy drinks as well from the shop.

    Students must order before school starts and then some of our senior students go to the shop to pick up the orders and distribute them to those that have ordered them.

    We really enjoy the variety of food each week and the profit that is raised from the Variety Lunches goes toward our special end of year trip for the whole school.

    Here is the link to the post we have made with photos of some of our order forms for Variety Lunch:

    We hope this helps you with the improvements you want to make to your lunches.