Monday, November 5, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Survivor: Melville Episode 2

In the first episode of the 2012 season (full recap below) Parauri won the first challenge sending Whero to elimination. In the second episode Whero were looking to press home their advantage, Parauri to even the score.

In this episode the teams had to run a short course holding onto a rope and work as a team, but temptation was just on the horizon... Any player could leave their team at any time and make a dash for the immunity horse that was located a short distance away. Would anyone betray their team to guarantee themselves another round in the game? Who would win the race to the finish? Who would be eliminated?

To further complicate matters for Whero apart from losing the first challenge both Tara (CPA trip to Auckland) and Aublix (Moon boot) had to have last minute replacements filling in for them! How would Jayden and Shannon match up at short notice?

This season has only five weeks remaining, until the sole survivor remains! Filmed on location at Melville Intermediate by the production team of Veronica, Bianca and Jessie from Room Six.

Please note: this episode was filmed during rain and high winds and contains some distortion during the running of the challenge please take care with the volume levels!

Episode One - Full Recap.
The 2012 season started with an indoor challenge due to difficult weather outside. Both teams had to stack die on top of each other with the 'six' facing the top and put a small silver trophy on the top to signify victory. Both Whero (red) and Parauri (brown) started strongly. The break came in the seventh round when Adrian defeated Aublix to make the scores 4-3 to Parauri. In the next round to force sudden death Tyryn had to beat Woody, but he was unable to do so and Parauri won the first challenge, sending Whero to the elimination vote. In the vote for Whero, everyone was at risk. The first 'blind side' of the game took place, when Brent from Room Five thought he was voting with the others to eliminate Aublix, however everyone, including his best friend in the game, Bunnarath, voted to send Brent out instead and he was the first individual eliminated in 2012 and Room Five was the first classroom to be taken out of the game. 


  1. I liked the co-operative nature of this challenge. You had to work as a team. the course looked quite challenging.

    Who is planning the challenges? They have good ideas.


  2. Thanks for your feedback Allanah. At the moment the weather is dictating what we do, it wasn't that obvious in this episode but it was raining when the first team ran the course, and the wind was really strong. The challenges at the moment are based around some from the 2011 season and the ideas of the students. Veronica, Bianca and Jessie walked out the course prior to the running of the event for this. One of the good things is challenges come up that make for better later episodes, so the wind is something that the film crew will consider for later in the series with the outside challenges. Great to hear from you as always.

  3. Dear Myles Webb,
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