Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Levi's Activity Week Recount

On the 14th of November Melville Intermediate had their activity activity was Rainbows End, paint ball and Leisure Hits Fun park .On the first day we went to Rainbows End. The ride up was long. the first ride we went on was the pirate ship . Then me,Shaun Jayden and Mitchell went on the Gold Rush. After that we went in the roller coaster. The I found my Mum and we went to the arcade. I won a lot of lollies. Then me and Haze went on the log flue. After that we went to the dodgems and the bumper boats. Later on we had a really nice lunch. then we went back to Hamilton.
The next day we went to paint ball. We first played capture the flag.then we played speed ball. I got hit a lot .Then we played free for all/ Dad got shot so much he fell over.  Then we had a great lunch.

The last day we went to mini golf batting cages and the pools.  At mini golf we got to play 1 round . I was just hiting it around.then we went to the batting cages. I only hit half if them.  Then we went to the pools . we had a great lunch.after that we went for a swim. Then we went on the hydro slides. They were fun. Over all activity week was great.
By Levi

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