Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Actiivty Week Recount Jamie

Wednesday was really fun we made one thing each block.  In the first block we made bath bombs.  Bianca and I paired up and we made bath bombs orange.  They were meant to be yellow, but I guess we put too much colour in.  We to cut two tea bags open and sprinkle the tea in.  We picked cranberry and strawberry tea.  Mrs De Waard told us to put in essence in as well, so Bianca picked lemon essence.  After we mixed it together we got a paua shell that had glad wrap around it each, as well as an egg carton each.  Both of us sprinkled our mix into the paua shells and egg cartons and left them to set overnight.  In second block everyone made a friendship bracelet each.  I took ages to get our colours and to cut them the right length.  I made a friendship bracelet called swirl and as you made it , it would create a swirl as I go.  Everyone wanted to them at morning tea time be we couldn't because we had to go outside.  In third block we made icing sculptures for our muffins the next day.  We picked our colour and first we made a rose.  It was tricky but I managed to make a really good one.   There were cutters, shapes, and knives.  We could use them to make our icing sculptures.  We had heaps of fun that day!

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