Friday, November 9, 2012

Melville Intermediate - PrEP Recount from Sarah

On Friday the 26th of October our school had PrEP Market Day. It went from 4:00pm and ended at 6:00pm.  Everyone in the school was in groups and they had their own stalls or shops.  Out group did a haunted house and it was called 'Scarey Movie'.  In our PrEP group we had Rose, Kylie and I.  It was 25 MiSMs to get in which stands for Melville Intermediate School Money.  That included gloop or slime and a chocolate lolly or lollipop.  Many people came to our haunted house and some were really scared but others just thought it was funny or stupid.  Some people thought we were just going to be watching a movie because of the name 'Scary Movie'.  One person was so scared that she punched Kylie on the arm!  When we went on our break we bought lots of things, some were really kind of expensive which was sad.  I had 50 MiSMs which was the same as ten dollars.  I spent it all on lollies and a book that broke so that was annoying but I fixed it.  When we got back to our Haunted House so many people wanted to get it that it was crazy.  They were giving us MiSMs but we couldn't take them because Rose still wasn't back so lots of them left.   When Rose got back lots of people came back and when they went into our Haunted House they scared us more than we scared them which was kind of funny.  It was really long and tiring day but it was still really, really fun! I still didn't like that the Year Seven's got to do it but it was still really cool.  At the end of the day we had 495 MiSMs which people had paid to get in which was really good, and we weren't expecting PrEP to be as fun as it was.

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