Friday, November 23, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Activity Week 2012

On the 14th of November in Term Four I went to activity week with my friends.  The activity that we were doing was indoor rock climbing, high ropes and waterworld.   We went to the first activity which was indoor rock climbing.  When we got there we had to wait for ten minutes and then a woman named Sylvia came out and invited us inside.

When we got in she told us what to do and went climbing.  It was really fun because there was lots of climbing to do.  Then at 10:30am we went outside and looked at the Eclipse.   After we watched the Eclipse we went back inside to eat our lunch.  After we ate our lunch we had a rest and went back to the climbing spot.  A few hours later Harry picked us up and then dropped us off at the lake.

We were playing sport at the lake until it rained then it turned sunny again.  A few minutes later Harry picked us up again and we went back to school at 1:30pm.  We played some more and then when it was close to home time Mrs Wilson told us to go in her room and said "We might be going bowling and laser tag instead of high ropes". After she told us the bell rang and we all went home.

After rock climbing we went to bowling and laser tag instead of high rope because it was raining. We had 2 turns of each and we went bowling first. We went to making the teams and our first game I came 3rd and at my second game I came first and Kaea coming second. After bowling we waited until we went laser tag then the teacher told us we can go to laser tag. Before we got to play we watched a video about the rules and then we got put in teams. Before the ame started we got put into teams and I was in the blue team. When the game finished I looked at the scoreboards and I came first. I had about 4,100 points. It was really fun and after we waited we went back and played again. I was in the blue team again and after the game finished I looked at the scoreboard again I came second with 5,000 points. It was really fun and then all of us got icecream and iceblocks. We had a really fun day then Harry picked us up, went back to school, watched a movie then went home.

On the last day of our activity we went to Waterworld and when we got there we got change and then went swimming. It was really fun and when we were aloud to go at the waterslide we waited in a line and then walked up the steps then lined up.  I went on the blacktube first it was really dark and you couldn't see anything but black.  After an hour and a half the Go Bus picked us up and dropped us off at Blastakarts.

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