Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Melville Intermediate - PrEP Recount Douglas

On the start of PrEP (Primary Enterprise Program, our Schools Market Day - Mr Webb) we didn't sell anything so we had to drop the price of our items to twenty MiSMs (Melville Intermediate School Money).  Our first customer then brought one of our wind instruments.  After time lots of our wind instruments were bought by our customers.  We had only 11 instruments left.  When it was five o'clock we dropped the price further to 15 MISMs.   Later on lots and lots of customers came and brought almost all of our wind instruments.  When all of the customers had left we only had two instruments left and Nathan H's Mum brought one of those.  I had been demonstrating the instruments by spinning them, I got tired of spinning the instrument so I went and bought a slushy and I got a free sherbert from my mate.   After that I went on to the Haunted House and I got a free slime.   When I came out of the Haunted House I went back to my business.  When I came back I saw Deighton's Dad buy the last one.  After we were sold out I started watching some guys play some Ps2 games.  

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