Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Tuesdays Narrative Writing

Today in class we are continuing to look at students narrative writing from around the world as examples to get us focussed for our last unit of writing this year. Yesterday we were looking at Emily's work in the UK. Today we are looking at the work of Sam's brother from Dunedin. Sam is a student in Dunedin at St Clairs School, in Room Nine. The original post of Sams is here, and her brothers original post is here. 

Students of Melville Intermediate have to read the narrative, create a new title for the story based on the writing, continue the story for an additional paragraph and then ask the author three questions about their narrative. The questions need to be posted in the form of comments on Sams blog or her brothers original post.


  1. Hi Room 5
    Thank you so much for responding to Isaac's description about the storm. He was soooooo excited to have people beyond his family and teacher commenting on his writing. We think your idea of continuing it further is a great one and would love to see some finished results.

    As a class we enjoyed having your questions because we have been learning about open and closed questions and we were able to identify which ones were the better questions and why. We are now working on writing our own questions so that the can 'interview' (imaginary we know) one of the characters out of Enid Blyton's book The Magic Faraway Tree.

    Look forward to seeing your writing.
    Room 12, St Clair School, Dunedin

  2. Room Twelve
    thanks for your comments we enjoyed using Isaac's description as a piece of narrative writing and it was enjoyable for the students to be able to leave a comment directly to the author. He did such a good job.