Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Raglan Part Two

We all arose early on the morning of Wednesday the 14th of November the first of three adventurous days that were known as activity week 2012, the first to ever take place in Melville Intermediate history. Activities ranged from rock climbing to cooking to paintball and everything else imaginable however, the groups of students in my activity were lucky enough to be leaving Hamilton, and spending three days in Raglan paradise amongst the finest of nature. After what seemed like the trip of our lives, up whines and hills, then a steep uphill tramp carrying heavy luggage we all fell to the ground with a sigh of relief as we knew our ordeal was over. After a tour of the grounds and a quick munch we settled into our tipis. After being informed of the hour hike (each way) that we were about to take to get to the beach our faces lite up, eagerly with a surge of excitement we packed all our things and set off. Along our journey we came across gorgeous fresh water that had a beautiful cold nourishing taste (which also happened to be the water that came out of tap back at the camping grounds). The night brang a few surprises some games of spotlight were just the right way to finish our first night at Solescape came Raglan until unwanted guests entered our tipis! As the following day awoken, all of us still half asleep of coarse haled ourselves out of bed for duties and breakfast. Two whistles were blown, tents and tipis were rustled and “time to get up “was yelled out. Unsure of the days plans we all gathered in the rain to have a discussion, as soon as everybody was aware our days plans we geared up, jumped into our togs, piled into the cars and headed off to go kayaking in the pouring rain. Whilst kayaking we were taught how to get back on your kayak if you fell out, we played games a most of all had a fun time and got soaked!. Arriving back to shore we were all shivering and blue, and because it was such a nasty day we decided a trip to Waingaro Hot Springs would do us all well. “Hydro slides here we come” yelled everybody gamely “but first the long walk up the hill”. Our last bit of energy for that day went towards cooking pizzas for dinner in the mean wood fire pizza oven. Exhausted, we were all happy to get to sleep that night. Our last day didn’t hold much excitement, a big cleanup, a short trip the Raglan bowl and the harbor just chilling out having a mean feed of fish ‘n’ chips and just enjoying the last few hours of our time in Raglan. Finally we boarded the bus and set off on our long trip home. Written By: Sian

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