Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Brae's PrEP Recount

On the 26th of October our school had PrEP Market Day.   When I got to school my Mum and I went to Room Five and put our stuff on the bench.   Then I saw Brent with the spoons.  After me and Brent had a talk, Nathan came and we waited for Ryan which took ages.   When he finally came we started to set up the stall.   So we dragged the desks through the door and made our stall.  Then I put the ingredients on the table and PrEP started.   We stood there for a while and some Japanese students came and brought some Sherbet.  They wanted different flavors but Nathan just gave them the same one.  We also sold them to some little kids that thought that the slushies were really cold but I warned them.  We sold a lot and at the end of PrEP had 820 MISMS in the bag.   At the end of PrEP we had to clean up a huge mess from the slushie machine.   After the clean up we were tired, but we had fun and it was a good day.

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