Friday, November 2, 2012

Melville Intermediate - PrEP 2012 Asinates Recount

On Thursday 25th of October we were preparing for our P.r.E.P day which is happen on Friday 26th of October. We didn’t just start on Thursday but we started to organise for P.r.E.P on the term before this term. We started to get in to our groups and talk about what we are going to sell on the P.r.E.P day. Our group’s name called Sugar Power and our group members are Icis, Asinate, Kayla, and Joseph. On the four weeks before P.r.E.P day we decided to sell these things: sherbet, popcorn, lollie kebabs, raro, raffle, and drink. All the stuff that we sell we decided to sell them all for 5 misms each. The P.r.E.P time was 4:00pm-6:00pm so that mean we have to make every thing organised for the P.r.E.P time. We create our sign for our group. We have to make the popcorn, the sherbet, and we have to make the lollie kebabs. I and Kayla were making the popcorn and the sherbet and Joseph was creating the sign and making the lollie kebabs by himself because Icis wasn’t here. After school we were finished every thing that we have to do. We were wondering what else we have to do so we ask Scary Movie group if they want help and they did need help so we help them setting up their store. When we finished helping them it was time to start setting up and we doing our store outside room 5. Kayla and I were going to the design room to get our table. After that we set up every thing outside room 5. There was already some people walking around outside. Now the P.r.E.P is starting and the people were buying their misms so they can buy stuff from the shops. Our first customer was a Japanese student. After that we got lots of customers and most of the people were buying popcorn and I was the one who was doing the popcorn. It was lots of fun. By, Asinate.

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