Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melville Intermediate - Technology Cooking November 6th

Cooking November 6th 2012 on PhotoPeach


  1. Thanks for sharing with us and i hope in future you also update us.

  2. Dear all the students in evolved in the video,

    I really enjoyed the video it was so cool to know about a school that does cooking!I seriously have never seen or heard about a school that does cooking.In my school we don't have cooking class sadly.I love to cook!I especially like to bake cookies,pies,cake,brownies etc.I didn't get to finish seeing the Verdi but I'm sure it was good.I have one question.Did the kids enjoy it?I hope they did.I would really would love to do that one day.But for now I have to say bye but i will be back soon promise bye!

    Sincerely -Yami

  3. Hi my name is Jonathan and I am in Mr.Miller's classroom.The cooking looked like fun.I would probably want to cook instead of doing math or something.How long did you guys cook for?I wish I had a cooking class.Well I have to go so bye for now.
    P.S. if you want to go to my site click here http://mrmillersstudent206.edublogs.org/

  4. Hello Mr. Webb,
    My name is Lupita and I am in Mr. Miller's AVID Class. I love to cook. Do you guys have a cooking class or was it just an activity in class? What were you guys making? I like bake cakes and cook a chicken dinner. What is your favorite food to cook?
    - Lupita

  5. Hello my name is Cheyenne. I am from Mr.Miller class. I love cooking the type of cooking is desert cooking, breakfast cooking, and more. I think that to have cooking ability is a great tool to have. So keep up the great work. What kinds of food do you eat and cook?
    please respond back on my blog Thank you!