Sunday, March 8, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Science Experiment

Our fantastic Science Experiment in Room 8 continues with a Mould Update. It's now been two full weeks since we bagged our sandwiches and left them to 'develop'. The mould growth that's most evident is on the 'control' bread, without filling and on the bread where we just put margarine, although were hoping this might change as it ages. We're hoping to complete the experiment in December! Keegan was able to count 6 different moulds on the bread at the 14 day mark!

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  1. Starting to look like what I find at the bottom of my son's schoolbag at the end of the holidays.

  2. I like mouldy, blue cheese. Are these sandwiches still safe to eat? Would they make you sick if you ate them?
    Do you think the bags might blow up like balloons as they change? If they do, how will you stop the smell bursting out of them?

    Mr F
    Room 9
    Glenview Primary

  3. Did you find out why mould grows ? I heard that moulds can be useful to us.
    Keep up the good work.

    Mrs She
    Pt England School

  4. Looks like the sides of the water bottles on my bicycle :) I s'pose if it's penicillin mould it would do the antibacteria thing.

  5. Do you think the penicillin growing on the bread would counteract the other molds if you ate it? Sounds like a good science experiment for you to try.
    Mr. C