Friday, March 13, 2009

Melville Intermediate - No We're not Australian

Mr C's Classroom have done an AWESOME job we're they've answered our "Blogging Around the World" questions online on their fantastic website. Mr C is someone that I have enjoyed networking with over the last year, and someone whose online work has to be seen to be believed. In a fantastic response to our questions Mr C has posted online six or seven videos online to answer our questions, he has however made a slight mistake in identifying ourselves in Room Eight as Australian's.

Our class is most definatly from New Zealand (no offence to our friends across the ditch) and identifying us as Australian is akin to describing say someone from the USA as Canadian or some from Scotland as English! As always we appreciate the support from our friends around the world. If you have to visit one blog today around the world to see a model of how it should be done (online learning, blogging etc) make sure that you visit Mr C's Classroom.


  1. No offence taken.
    Even though both cultures are now so diverse, there are still some things unique about being from Australia or New Zealand.
    You only have to hear us speak to know the difference but it is more than just the sounds of our voices. It's more about how we are connected to the land and our history and each other.
    When Australians and New Zealanders meet overseas we have a lot in common and there is an instant, special connection.
    I enjoy visitng this blog and the one Mr W had last year. I have learned so much about the cultural diversity of your country and it's great to see that in so many ways we are the same.

  2. Hello1=! My name is Jacob and I go to school in Shorecrest Preparatory School in seventh grade. It is really cool to comment on a New Zealand blog when I'm so far away - in the U.S.A. Please comment on our blog:

  3. I definitely agree you shouldn't be designated Australians. I bet Mr. C will fix it though... And, as definitely, no offense meant to Australians.

  4. I was in the Antarctic program and went through New Zealand twice (Christchurch) and loved the country I am sad I only stayed on the one island. I hope to come back one day. I have a not so secret goal of teaching overseas one day :) I have shared my love of all things travel related with my fourth graders and I went back and made sure they could geographically tell the difference between Australia and New Zealand after this mix up. It helps that we are gettting blog comments from both countries. Many of my students don't ever leave our own state or county so blogging has become a way to open up the whole world to them. Our class would love to get a chance to answer any of your questions too.

    Mrs. Heaton
    Beaufort, South Carolina

  5. I'm sorry! I fixed it as soon as I found out the problem. It isn't that I didn't know, I was just in a hurry to post because Mr. Webb is such a slave driver!