Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Trash to Fashion 3

It was the first of March, 2009 and as usual plenty of people were giving each other 'a pinch and a punch for the first of the month'. But for many people from all around the Waikato region gathering at the Hamilton Museum it was no usual day, there were no punching scraps; in fact they were wearing the scrap! It was trash to fashion 2009!

The theme was Mud and Water, which was quite difficult but in the end the outcome was absolutely fantastic! Everyone came up with something extravagent and different.

Some people opted for a pretty, queen theme with puffy dresses, tinfoil and crowns. Ane's feathers and leathers were very cool as the African Mud Queen and for the trash to fashioners togs and cellophane were so in! Unfortunatly some of Maysells fell off and she had to hold it on.

Raiding Grandma's wardrobe was a very hand technique for me! Everybody was clearly happy to have their own tast of the limelight. Abbi as the model of their beautiful dress was treated like a queen by her teammates Assiyra and Ghia even having the trail of her dress held up for her! Lisa dressed as a beautiful 'flower of the deep' and really did look the part!

Finding enough disposable hospital wraps was really no problem for me, the hospital usally throws out about 8 times as many as on my dress per day!

Abbi the wonderful 'Muddy Water Cocktail' gave us a spin, and Lisa was determined to have her full three minutes of fame! Ayla was gracefully 'Trapped in a Net' with her friend. Kelly and Amy played it cool in their dress of old curtain material. Shanaya showed us her sparkly masquerade mask and her creative umbrella idea. The Muddy Maid had no need to clean up her act, Rebekah was an amazing model and Ranita and Shilta had just as much fun!

Some costumes were very different and creative like the one called 'Under the Mountain'. Little Chiefs surprise appearance was much to everyone's delight. Eventually the final judgements took place; everybody had their last chance to impress the judges and really flaunted it! When the judges wer ready with their winners everyone's stomachs were flopping about like fish, they had all come up with truly staggering outcome and had worked so hard.

Third was 'Under the Mountain' The judges were amazed by the creativity of this outfit. There was a big round of applause, but then everyone returned to being nervous - who would be second? Second prize went to... Polluted Monster! The judges were very impressed with the message that this group brought across. Finally it was the moment of truth, who had taken out first place? Everyone desperately wanted it to be them! First place goes to.... Up Right Drain Pipe! This outfit was both creative and re-cycled, Bike tyres, CDs, litter, it had it all! They got a big round of applause and a great prize! Overall it was about having fun and enjoying yourself and I'm sure everybody did that!


  1. Awesome! We are having our own fashion show tomorrow in sixth grade. We are having a "dress for success fashion show", I will definitely show my students this video.

  2. Did the museum sponsor the fashion show? I am surprised by the number of people attending and participating. Is this an annual event? I really like the way you are reporting the news.
    Mr. C

  3. A Great way to recycle those scraps.......just turn them into clothing. Drop by our blog and leave a comment. My 3/4/5 graders would love hearing from you.

  4. @ jkmcclung - Wonderful let us know a link to the blog and your fashion show and we'll be sure to check it out!
    @ wmchamberlain - the museum was the venue and it was part of the field day for students that they had - admission was free!
    @ Pam C - thanks for the site link, we really love your blog!