Thursday, March 5, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Touch Highlights 2

These are highlights from last Tuesday's Touch Game against Morrinsville Intermediate - if you haven't checked out their fantastic Room Ten site then you need to! This was filmed at Rifle Range Road Grounds. Melville Intermediate are about to host the Waikato Inter-Intermediate Competition in a few short weeks and we'll be looking for both our Boys and Girls teams to play with pride for Melville Intermediate. Melville Intermediate are in the Green and Morrinsville are in the dark blue/purple.


  1. Hi,
    Have you been practising long? Your team looks very well drilled and confident in playing. Good luck in the Waikato Inter-Intermediate competition.

  2. Thanks Room 10. We've got our competition in a couple of weeks at Rifle Range Road Grounds! We're very excited and Mr Webb is very excited to be at his first Inter-Intermediate competition.

  3. Hi room8

    It looks fun. We have been trying hard. It looks like you have to. It was a nice game as i can see. The video that you made on your blog is really COOL. Nice game melvile intermediate.