Monday, March 16, 2009

Melville Intermediate - International Blogging Challenge

As you should know our class is competing in the International Blogging Challenge that's run through Miss Wyatt's site in Australia. We couldn't compete in the task last week but this weeks task is right up our alley! The task is to leave a comment on ten new blogs!

Well Room 8 I've put the link through to the blogging challenge and if you click here you can also get the list to all the other schools that are competing in the challenge most of whose sites we've never been onto!

Needs to be completed by all Room 8 students by this Friday. Those of you who have the internet at home can do it from home (although please remember our blogging rules) or before school or at another time when the teacher is present.

This post has been written on “Blog Challenge09 #3” as part of The Blogging Challenge 2009! Visit Mrs. Wyatt’s site or


  1. Hi Mr. Webb,
    I am part of the Blogging Challenge, too. I teach grade one outside of Montreal, QC Canada. I think you visited my blog last year and introduced me to Jenny. I visit her blog often. I really like your visitor globe. When I clicked on it you could see that I was online as well as ... someone in New Zealand... possibly you. It is 9:41p.m. here.
    My blog is

  2. Hi there Mr Webb,
    great blog you have some really interesting widgets that I am sure my students will like. My kids are aged from 7 to 11 and are a very diverse bunch. Our school blog is in Rochdale England and right now it is 4 minutes past 8...I think you are still asleep!
    It is nice to make new friends and thank you for your comment
    P.S. I did some volunteer nursing and I fainted on the first day on ward when I saw a wound. I woke up on an hospital bed I guess it was clear I was not meant for nursing!

  3. Hi there Mr Webb and students,
    Thanks for your comments. We are a blog in Rochdale England and the students are aged from 7 to 11. It is early morning here I am guessing it is night there and you are all asleep...the wonder of technology.
    Your blog is excellent with many interesting widgets I love the dog licking the screen very cool!
    It is good to meet new friends I hope we visit again soon
    Mrs C and the Pirates