Saturday, March 21, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Kaiya's Camp Recount

When we were going to Camp I thought that we'd be going by car but we went by bus to Lake Ruatuna. We only went for the day. We were doing four things at Camp. We had to make some Damper and cook sausages. Room 8's first task was to make a splinter and a stretcher and to carry one person on the stretcher, from a log to a trough that was our first task. Second was to make a bivouac. A bivouac is like a little house on the ground. I think there were five groups. I was by myself because I wanted to see if I could do it. Our third task was fun because that was the water-slide. We were on the waterslide for thirty minutes. The thirty minutes felt long but that was cool. On my first go going down the waterslide I was nervous because I asked the other two classes and they made me nervous. They were room 2 and 14. When I went down it wasn't even sore, it was fun. The slide was made out of a big tarpolin. After our turn was over we had to pack up and get changed to go back to school. Then we packed up everything else that we brought and we helped carry stuff back to the bus. Then we went back to school. When we got back from Lake Ruatuna we had to go to class. Then the bell rang to go home


  1. Sounds like a exciting camp I wish I came with you it sounds so fun next you go on a camp like that tell me

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  2. Water slide SWEET i wish i came. i hope you had fun i love camps because you can hang out with your friends and have fun for a few days.

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