Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Pokarekare Ana

Those of you following this blog, and Tamakitoday will know that one of our biggest supporters has been Mr Lamsheds Boys Class in Adelaide Australia. We've been thrilled to network with them this year. Sam one of their students recorded a wonderful version of the traditional Maori Song Pokarekare Ana. Well at this school we've been excited by the news that Sam's been recognised for his efforts. The following is a direct excert from Mr Lamshed's blog about Sam:

"As regular blog visitors would know, Sam has recorded his own arrangement of Pokarekare Ana, a famous Maori song. We thought that Sam did such a great job on this, that we submitted his arrangement to the selection process for the South Australian Public Schools Music Festival. If successful, Sam’s arrangement will be used in the 2010 Choir program and will be performed by around 5000 children over 13 concerts at the Festival Theatre!

We found out, this week, that Pokarekare Ana is one of only 3 songs left in the running in it’s category! We are very proud of Sam and think that his recording deserves a repost!"

To Click on the link to see Sam's wonderful recording, click here.


  1. Mr Webb and Room 8

    Thanks for posting this on your site! We really appreciate the support you are giving our blog. Sam will be very pleased when he reads your blog post. He has done brilliantly well and has shown some fantastic skills in music. We are very proud of him!

    Mr Lamshed

  2. I am so far behind leaving comments on blogs it is embarrassing. I think I have spent too much time on twitter lately and have forgotten my responsibilities. If I hadn't read a tweet by Mr. Lamshed thanking you for commenting on Sam's song, I may have missed listening to it!
    Mr. C