Friday, March 6, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Ukulele Demo

Today in class we were very lucky to have two students come and play the Ukulele for us, they were Jayda and Ashton from Whaea Halley Class. This is a short video of their wonderful performance. One of the great things about Melville Intermediate is the Music Options available to students, these two students are in Mr Bell Ukulele group and are receiving extra tuition. What's even more amazing is that Jayda is left handed and is actually playing upside down!


  1. Wow! Great playing. I have a couple of questions!

    Jayda... did you restring your ukulele or are you actually learning your chords upside down?

    Was the second song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' (without singing of course) ?? That's a great Ukulele track.

    Well done! I will show this to my class on Tuesday when we are back at school.

    Mr Lamshed

  2. Ukulele is a great little instrument. I prefer it to the old recorder. Great video clip.

    Mrs She Pt England School Auckland

  3. @ Mr Lamshed - will get the Girls to answer your questions on Monday, I'm sure they'll be excited about your comment and the fact its from another country.
    @ Mrs She - thanks for that the Girls will be thrilled.

  4. Love it! I expected Mr. Webb to start singing on the "Over the Rainbow" song. I agree with Mrs. She about the ukulele being better than the recorder. It must be very enjoyable to have so many different musical resources available at school.
    Mr. C

  5. Hi All,
    I am so excited to read the comments about our playing! How cool that someone from another country is commenting on us. I am right handed and no I didn't restring the ukulele I just prefer to play upside down. Haha. And, I agree with Mrs She - The ukulele is way, way better than the recorder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Ashton & Jayda,
    Well done. You guys are so talented. Can't wait
    to hear you sing as well as play your tunes on your ukelele's. Keep it up and look forward to hearing some more musical items from you both and maybe another instrument you may pick up.

  7. So you're famous now aye. Well done.
    Sister Butters

  8. The ukelele club. KoromatuaApril 28, 2009 at 9:32 AM

    And I was in the same class as you but I'm not famous, only to my husband.
    Lynette Cassidy