Sunday, March 22, 2009

Melville Intermediate - Destyn's Waka Ama Recount

On Monday we had to go to Waka Ama training at Ngarawhaia River. I was the first kid to get there and then I had to wait for Matua Tutu to arrive. Then he arrived and he was talking to us and we got ready to start. We had to walk to there. Matua showed us where we'd be in the Waikato River. We had to put on our lifejackets and grab our paddles. We got our sticks and got into two lines. Being in the Waka is really sore for your arms, and your legs too! When we go up the river it takes us ages to get up there. Matua tells us to get ready to go down the river and if we don't get our timing right our Waka gets wobbly. When you look at the river in the Waka it looks like its moving really fast. When we get off the river our legs are really sore, sore so bad that we can't feel them! We lift up the Waka. It's so heavy when we go to lift it and put it away! We put the paddles in Matua's car and the lifejackets in the bag too. Sometimes we go swimming with my friends and then we go home.


  1. The sore and wobbly arms and legs feelings show you how hard your muscles have been working. I think we all feel a little bit of pride in that sort of discomfort too! It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. It is good to push yourself hard sometimes and see what you are capable of. It's great too to be out with someone experienced like Matua Tutu to keep you safe and help develop your skills. Thanks for a great report. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Hi room 8 it Nathaniel.
    thanks for that coment but by the way good recount writing room8 and I liked your movie about camp it felt like I was there.

  3. Sounds like hard work Destyn. I am really impressed with the photo of the Waka. They are beautifully crafted boats. We don't see much like these at all in Adelaide. Very nice.

    Mr Lamshed